Eric Piotrowski's 3D Art of Go: Feedback

This site has -- without a doubt -- been the most poipular project I've ever done on the web. (And believe me, I've done plenty!)

I thought it would be fun to post some of the excellent emails I've gotten over the years. I'm delightfully shocked at the worldwide response, and I look forward to hearing from even more folks as we work to spread the joy of Go to people everywhere.



Just a note to tell you that I have used part of kato.jpg in the cover design of the CD for Go++ (

Thanks very much,

I'm just getting a Go club started at my sons' school, and I thought you'd want to know that I'll be using some of your beautiful images on various fliers that I'll be posting around the school (if that's ok with you). Hopefully will snag some kids with your art.

Richard Moseson

Hello Mr. Eric Piotrowski, I am Thai Go Magazine's editor, followed by Thai Go Association. I have visited your website and I like some pictures that I would like to take into this magazine. Please permit your picture for us.

Our place is in Silom Bangkok Thailand.


I am inspired by go in art as well. Here is a link to my site which has go related art as well: -- look for go pictures in the photo gallery and a digital image I compiled of 140 moves from an online go game I played a little while ago. Keep up the good work!

Hi Eric!

Great artwork. I love that one with the crane's nest, because: I know the Go game since two weeks and like it. A few days later I watched two cranes in the fields near my house. Cranes are very unusual there and have never been watched there before. Really strange occasion. Hope, I took some good photos...

Best wishes from Marburg, Germany

Dear Eric,

I am trying to start a go club in the city I live in. To reach people, I would like to set up a small internet site to briefly introduce them to the game and contact me if they are interested in playing Go at a go club. To make an eye catching website, I had the idea to use The Japanese character "Go", embossed from╩your site. I would like to ask if some of your pictures may be used for this purpose.

Kind regards,

I love all of the images on your site. I had stopped playing Go for a while, I stumbled upon your site today and now I want to play very badly. Thanks for making the images on your site, they are beautiful.

Dear Mr. Piotrowski,

First of all, great stuff.

Second, I represent the South African Go Association ( andam the editor of its official magazine, The SA Go Report, which publishes twice a year and has a readership of about a 100 (most of whom are under eighteen and with no access to the internet). This is a non-profit magazine based entirely upon voluntary labour.

I would like to use some of your images in our magazine (photos of guys you know playing go gets boring), but this would, of course, require your express permission. I can't pay you (we have no money and live on sponsorship), but I would reference you and send you two contributor's copies.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Your sincerely,
Tristen Taylor
Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi there,

I saw your site, and your very cool 3D Go artworks, and I figured you may be interested in a little project of my own. The idea of Freed Go is to play Go on any arbitrary 3d graph like a Sphere, a Torus, a Mobius Strip or on numerous flat fields but with 3, 5 or 6 neighbors (10 boards in all). Just thought you'd be interested.