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Welcome to the new home for ESP's 3D Go! This is a collection of digital artwork I've made in homage to the great ancient game of Go (aka Baduk, Wei Qi). I made these images for my desktop, but you can use 'em however you like. All I ask is that you send me a quick email.

I've posted a few of the kind messages I've received from Go fans around the world. Have a look!

I've completed a long-overdue update of The ArtOfGo Online Shop! We've got new shirts, a stylish new Baduk symbol travel mug, and a flashy new messenger bag. Remember, all items are available for the base price (I make no profit).

3D Go

1024 x 768 / 100k
A tranquil scene. The game is from Takemiya v. Sugiuchi, as shown in Attack & Defense.

1024 x 768 / 132k
I've always liked the way the board looks after it's been organized for counting. This is from game three of the 28th Meijin (Yamashita Keigo v. Yoda Norimoto). The result: W+2.5.

1024 x 768 / 124k
Another view of the same board. The grass looks a little odd so close-up, doesn't it?

1024 x 768 / 84k
This is what my classroom looks like (I'm an English teacher by day). I don't know why anyone would want to download this, but I teach a lot of Go in this room. These images were mostly a chance for me to practice Bryce 5.

1024 x 768 / 64k
A close shot on the equipment we use in school. Bright yellow board provided courtesy of the AGA. (Those are supposed to be Rubbermaid storage containers.)

1024 x 768 / 92k
The start of a teaching game. This is frequently how my classroom looks at the start of lunch hour.

1024 x 768 / 276k
It always hurts to resign, but sometimes it's the only thing to do.

1024 x 768 / 328k
Sitting toward enlightment above the goban.

1024 x 768 / 348k
Takemiya v. Sugiuchi, from Attack and Defense. How can white best reinforce the lonely stones in the lower left?

1024 x 768 / 156k
Attention world: I'm now working in Bryce 5.0. This is a taste of what's to come.

1024 x 768 / 144k
A standoff in the corner. Nothing new from Bryce 5 in this image, but I've gone from European to Asian swords.

1024 x 768 / 168k
Sharing a beer after the game. Win or lose, let's respect each other when we're done.

1024 x 768 / 332k
Inspired by an image from SandlotScience. The board on which the white stones rest folds in on itself.

1024 x 768 / 312k
An extension of the Illusion image -- Black and white on flip sides of the board. The captured white stones are brought across to black's side.

1024 x 768 / 204k
Tonight we had a harvest moon. You can tell I'm borrowing heavily from the Sunset images.

1024 x 768 / 496k
Yamashiro Hiroshi (w) vs. Akira Ishida (b), taken from Attack and Defense. Can you find the tesuji to save the two stones on the bottom?

1024 x 768 / 408k
Kajiwara Takeo (w) vs. Shimamura Toshihiro (b). The crosscut at bottom "is a good way of conjuring something up out of nothing." Taken from Reducing Territorial Frameworks.

1024 x 768 / 228k
Trying to read the ladder out -- after a few moves, the path becomes indistinct.

832 x 624 / 280k
Balance and beauty on the goban.

832 x 624 / 380k
A gentleman emailed me a while back and suggested that I include images of the Chinese and Korean words for the game. Here's the Chinese "Wei Qi".

832 x 624 / 96k
And here's the Korean "Baduk". I really like the way this turned out.

832 x 624 / 372k
Masao Kato v. Rin Kaiho, 1968. From Kato's Attack and Kill.

832 x 624 / 108k
The Japanese symbol for Go, circumscribing a game in progress.

832 x 624 / 364k
For some reason this image is very compelling to me. An example, I suppose, of how images can take on lives of their own.

832 x 624 / 276k
White makes herself a bamboo joint to stay connected. I really like the background on this one.

832 x 624 / 164k
White captures black in the crane's nest tesuji. Look closely and you'll see the reflection of a crane flying overhead.

832 x 624 / 228k
Black has a nice shape in the middle, but white stays connected with a trumpet connection.

832 x 624 / 300k
The nadare (avalanche) joseki, with appropriate environs.

832 x 624 / 324k
For the fans of the movie π.

832 x 624 / 292k
The almighty board, floating.

832 x 624 / 116k
Black slams down onto the vital spot of white's shape.

832 x 624 / 288k
Black came, black saw, black conquered.

832 x 624 / 220k
Black slices white in half.

832 x 624 / 176k
Playing on the balcony as the sun sets.

832 x 624 / 164k
They'll have to play quickly -- it's getting dark.

832 x 624 / 200k
White threatens a lonely black stone in the corner.

832 x 624 / 208k
I think we've all felt like this at one point. It's reflected on a black stone for dramatic effect.

832 x 624 / 260k
White traps black in a geta.

832 x 624 / 156k
The same geta, seen from above.

832 x 624 / 140k
A life & death problem is nestled in the reflection of this white stone. Where to place it?

832 x 624 / 228k
I love the game, no doubt. But sometimes everything comes crashing down.

832 x 624 / 244k
Other times, I feel invincible.

832 x 624 / 352k
I am humble as I walk the path of Go skill. I've made progress, but there is much to learn.

832 x 624 / 176k
White threatens from below, and the black stones go running out into the center.

832 x 624 / 180k
A fight breaks out at the top of the board. Note the design on the shield.

832 x 624 / 188k
White strengthens her territory with a one-point jump into the center.

832 x 624 / 108k
A forced-perspective goban, with eight fuseki moves. The picture on the wall is from the IGS gallery.

832 x 624 / 268k
A completed game. The mountains in the background are derived from the Japanese symbol "Go".

832 x 624 / 232k
A common corner joseki.

832 x 624 / 200k
The common corner joseki revisited.

832 x 624 / 180k
A ko fight around the corner star point.

832 x 624 / 220k
Entering the middle game. Check out the sky's reflection on that large white piece.

832 x 624 / 52k
The Japanese character "Go", embossed.

832 x 624 / 268k
The Japanese character "Go", carved in stone.

Hikaru no Go

These images are made from the magnificent manga/anime Hikaru no Go. The copyright does not belong to me.

832 x 624 / 312k
Anime: The deadly duo, Hikaru and Sai.

832 x 624 / 320k
Anime: A nice muted splash screen.

832 x 624 / 300k
Anime: Hikaru plays an electric move (during his game with the top-ranked amateur in Hiroshima).

832 x 624 / 96k
A parody of Apple's "Think Different" advertisements.

832 x 624 / 136k
Sai and the moon (and some birds).

832 x 624 / 100k
A quiet collage from one of the large color panels.

832 x 624 / 240k
It had to happen sooner or later. Hikaru takes a trip into the 3D Go world.

832 x 624 / 232k
Oh, these little cartoons are so cute!.

832 x 624 / 240k
There's nothing wrong with taking your time in life.

832 x 624 / 260k
Sai and Hikaru play online.

832 x 624 / 284k
Hikaru strikes. I tried to colorize the B&W image, with moderately successful results.

832 x 624 / 336k
Double your Hikaru, double your fun!

832 x 624 / 176k
Sai plays the Meijin.

832 x 624 / 156k
Sai strikes, with zoom effects.

832 x 624 / 84k
Can anyone tell me what the hell this is all about?.

832 x 624 / 124k
Anime: Touya realized he is being tested.

832 x 624 / 96k
Anime: Sai's face, nice and big.

832 x 624 / 80k
Anime: Sai emerges from the goban.

832 x 624 / 264k
Touya Meijin's stoicism.

832 x 624 / 356k
Kuwabara and the new generation.

832 x 624 / 232k
A striking image of Sai.

832 x 624 / 332k
Sai trains Hikaru.

832 x 624 / 364k
Touya Akira. I really like the picture of him with the kids.

832 x 624 / 100k
This is the first HNG wallpaper I ever made, but I somehow forgot to post it here until now. Enjoy!

832 x 624 / 192k
How long have you been playing?

832 x 624 / 204k
Redux: One more game!

832 x 624 / 256k
Redux: Having fun and staying positive.

832 x 624 / 328k
The intensity of Shindo.

832 x 624 / 180k
Shindo, poised to strike.

832 x 624 / 312k
Sai plays the flute in a colorful scene.

832 x 624 / 304k
Exercise the body and empty the mind! Yes!

832 x 624 / 332k
Devotion and respect for the game.

832 x 624 / 204k
Keeping a healthy mind.

832 x 624 / 284k
A full-color montage with zoom effects.

832 x 624 / 456k
A montage of the pro applicants.

832 x 624 / 256k
Shindo, Sai, Akira, and Waya.


Various other images related to go.

1024 x 768 / 92k
From the IGS gallery: A bird's nest in a Go stone bowl.

1024 x 768 / 48k
From the IGS gallery: Alone, contemplating the goban.

1024 x 768 / 148k
From the IGS gallery: Elders playing Go.